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CreaFX, again...

The new mask is finally available to order. It costed me months to save money to buy a specific Taylor and now the new mask (called "Sophia") is finally here.

The mask is incredible ! Probably one of the best we can buy on internet. The question is "and now ?". I would love to buy one but I have a cosplay to finish first. I can save money right now, but it will never be enough for buying this new mask. I realize the most I write, the most I want one, with specific modification in order to match to my female suit Célia 3.05... I don't have to wait for reviews, I know the quality of these masks, so should I buy one or wait...

That is the question...
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Some changes

Well well well, I made some minor changes, and I think it's a little better. I mean, it's easier to read. It's just the beginning of a new chapter, but it was really important for me to clean this blog, in order to mark the start. I know that it's not a revolution, but I have to begin somewhere for a new start.

It's done. ;)

Time for a change...

Hello everybody !

I was on internet and, I don't know why, I was thinking about changing a little my blog. Not a small change, but something very big, like a full redesign of this blog. Not only delete old links, but something very ... I don't know th name for that. Because of the massive upgrade of my female suit (now it's the 3.0), maybe it's time to make more news, like repainting walls. Well, it's an idea but I think I will do it.
Presentation of my Célia 3.0

I made a video to show you my upgrades on my female suit : not bad I think...

Back again ! ^o^

She's just an object, lifeless and empty. She's a taboo subject, hiding from society, under the sheets in an empty room. She can't be welcomed or accepted into the real world... She is a mask, she is my secret identity, my hidden character.
Transforming into her, it's setting me free, liberated and cut off from the rest of the world. The silicone object becomes a real woman, I become her. Under my control, She feel emotions that simply aren't possible to my real state. I feel stroonger when I become her.

She is my silicone armor, protecting me, releasing me from pressures of the real life, transforming into a completely different person, a different side of me, my feminie side. She is my little secret, she isn't just a mask, she is me.
But things has changed, rules also. I support my character as a high level of realism that, now, I can go out to show her to the rest fo the world. I am working on cosplay that she could wear in cons.

Hello everybody !

For all people, I am sorry for the lack of news, But this time it's for real, even if my real life is very busy... I knew so many changes : new house, new job, new opportunities, new mask... It's hard because all is expensive, and economical crisis is not over... Life is hard.

I will try to post one set of pictures per month. I will also try to make some videos. You can see some preview on my Facebook account.

Of course, you can ask and comment, I will answer as soon as I could.