Back again ! ^o^

She's just an object, lifeless and empty. She's a taboo subject, hiding from society, under the sheets in an empty room. She can't be welcomed or accepted into the real world... She is a mask, she is my secret identity, my hidden character.
Transforming into her, it's setting me free, liberated and cut off from the rest of the world. The silicone object becomes a real woman, I become her. Under my control, She feel emotions that simply aren't possible to my real state. I feel stroonger when I become her.

She is my silicone armor, protecting me, releasing me from pressures of the real life, transforming into a completely different person, a different side of me, my feminie side. She is my little secret, she isn't just a mask, she is me.
But things has changed, rules also. I support my character as a high level of realism that, now, I can go out to show her to the rest fo the world. I am working on cosplay that she could wear in cons.

Hello everybody !

For all people, I am sorry for the lack of news, But this time it's for real, even if my real life is very busy... I knew so many changes : new house, new job, new opportunities, new mask... It's hard because all is expensive, and economical crisis is not over... Life is hard.

I will try to post one set of pictures per month. I will also try to make some videos. You can see some preview on my Facebook account.

Of course, you can ask and comment, I will answer as soon as I could.

I am selling a mask, for better days!

Hello to all !

I am selling my Petra Mask, bought on the 2nd-skin webshop, the shop of the Rubbersisters !!!

I sell it because it doesn't fit at all on eyes, and I need money for further projects !

Watch, follow and bid please ! (^o^)

Zentai suit dead ! :(


My zentai suit is dead after only a very few months of use ! Do not buy on this webshop ! If you want to know which webshop I am talking about, please send me a message. Thanks. Angry for today ! I remember my last zentai, I bought it from a german webshop (, and I wore it from about 3 years without any problem ! And now, I have bought this one in another shop (which said "we are the best"), but now I cannot wear it anymore. And the worst, it was the most expensive zentai I ever bought... Almost 200$ for almost 3 months, what a good deal. The color was not the same as the picture on the website, the size was incorrect (very strange XL size)... Well, I can only warn you to NOT BUY on this webshop. Which one ? I will tell you by Private Message.

Have a nice day, by the way ! :D

Youtube again... :(

Hello everybody,

I have posted a video on youtube 6 days ago, and I had some good feedbacks. No insults or raging words, no special angry message. All was clear. In this video I was just putting off my shirt of my school uniform. I think you can imagine the video (or maybe should I post it here). And yesterday, Youtube send me a message informing me that my video has been deleted and my youtube account will be deleted too if I continue to post video containing nudity.

WTF ? Excuse-me mister youtube, but my other video contains more nudity (I am touching my breasts) and I never recieve anything from the admin of youtube... I saw tons of video on this website with strip tease or more nudity videos, and these accounts were never worried about that !

I think I will never understand this different culture...

Strange story

Hello again,

something happened to me, and I think that I have to explain it. It was while I was taking pictures for the "Capitain Love" set (what an awful name, next time please stop me). For changing, I decided to take pictures before my webcam, and a nice website called "chatroulette". I hope you know it, but if not, I can explain : it is a free cam to cam with unknown people, and if you don't like the person, you can click on the "next" button, to find a new one. Simple no ? And I found a young girl aged of 22 years old, living in the USA. She was very surprised and she asked what was hapening in my webcam. So I decided to lie and tell her that I was taking picture in that nice outfit in order to make a gift for my boyfriend. She said that was very cool for him to have pictures of his girlfriend (me ^^). But she didn't push the "next" button and want to watch me just for a few minuts.

And then, words after words, we talked for about 2 …

Finally back

Hello to you,

Well, first, I have to excuse myself for this awful late and lack of news and pictures. I am terribly sorry about that, but you have to know that I had some changes in my real life : some of them are good, other no. I have recieved my new zentai and my new mask, on these pictures I am wearing it. What ? Which pictures ? Those who are in this message of course, because... Well well well, I am not writing so fast as I though... The set of the mounth is, of couse, based on Valentine's day theme of course !

The theme was based on the love and the pink color, that is why I have chosen "Capitain Love" for tis set, and I proud to say that it is the worst title I have ever created ! Shit...

This time, I have an idea for the next set, and that's the very first time I think. Stay tuned !