samedi 20 décembre 2014

Hello everybody !

For all people, I am sorry for the lack of news, But this time it's for real, even if my real life is very busy... I knew so many changes : new house, new job, new opportunities, new mask... It's hard because all is expensive, and economical crisis is not over... Life is hard.

I will try to post one set of pictures per month. I will also try to make some videos. You can see some preview on my Facebook account.

Of course, you can ask and comment, I will answer as soon as I could.

dimanche 20 janvier 2013

I am selling a mask, for better days!

Hello to all !

I am selling my Petra Mask, bought on the 2nd-skin webshop, the shop of the Rubbersisters !!!

I sell it because it doesn't fit at all on eyes, and I need money for further projects !

Watch, follow and bid please ! (^o^)

jeudi 15 mars 2012

Zentai suit dead ! :(


My zentai suit is dead after only a very few months of use ! Do not buy on this webshop ! If you want to know which webshop I am talking about, please send me a message. Thanks. Angry for today ! I remember my last zentai, I bought it from a german webshop (, and I wore it from about 3 years without any problem ! And now, I have bought this one in another shop (which said "we are the best"), but now I cannot wear it anymore. And the worst, it was the most expensive zentai I ever bought... Almost 200$ for almost 3 months, what a good deal. The color was not the same as the picture on the website, the size was incorrect (very strange XL size)... Well, I can only warn you to NOT BUY on this webshop. Which one ? I will tell you by Private Message.

Have a nice day, by the way ! :D

vendredi 2 mars 2012

Youtube again... :(

Hello everybody,

I have posted a video on youtube 6 days ago, and I had some good feedbacks. No insults or raging words, no special angry message. All was clear. In this video I was just putting off my shirt of my school uniform. I think you can imagine the video (or maybe should I post it here). And yesterday, Youtube send me a message informing me that my video has been deleted and my youtube account will be deleted too if I continue to post video containing nudity.

WTF ? Excuse-me mister youtube, but my other video contains more nudity (I am touching my breasts) and I never recieve anything from the admin of youtube... I saw tons of video on this website with strip tease or more nudity videos, and these accounts were never worried about that !

I think I will never understand this different culture...

lundi 20 février 2012

Strange story

Hello again,

something happened to me, and I think that I have to explain it. It was while I was taking pictures for the "Capitain Love" set (what an awful name, next time please stop me). For changing, I decided to take pictures before my webcam, and a nice website called "chatroulette". I hope you know it, but if not, I can explain : it is a free cam to cam with unknown people, and if you don't like the person, you can click on the "next" button, to find a new one. Simple no ? And I found a young girl aged of 22 years old, living in the USA. She was very surprised and she asked what was hapening in my webcam. So I decided to lie and tell her that I was taking picture in that nice outfit in order to make a gift for my boyfriend. She said that was very cool for him to have pictures of his girlfriend (me ^^). But she didn't push the "next" button and want to watch me just for a few minuts.

And then, words after words, we talked for about 2 hours ! And she never suspect anything !!! It was so great ! She said that she wasn't bi, BUT she loved to see my fake boobs ! It was so good that I decided to take every set before webcam on chatroulette. Maybe one day you could watch me, who knows ?

Finally back

Hello to you,

Well, first, I have to excuse myself for this awful late and lack of news and pictures. I am terribly sorry about that, but you have to know that I had some changes in my real life : some of them are good, other no. I have recieved my new zentai and my new mask, on these pictures I am wearing it. What ? Which pictures ? Those who are in this message of course, because... Well well well, I am not writing so fast as I though... The set of the mounth is, of couse, based on Valentine's day theme of course !

The theme was based on the love and the pink color, that is why I have chosen "Capitain Love" for tis set, and I proud to say that it is the worst title I have ever created ! Shit...

This time, I have an idea for the next set, and that's the very first time I think. Stay tuned !

lundi 21 novembre 2011

More things next months

Hello everybody,

I know it was a long time that I didn't write anything, and be sure that summer is not the best season to wear a mask. But this next month there will be some changes... Changes on me in fact, because I have already ordered a new mask. To be honest, it is a silicone female mask, and I can't wait for wearing it ! Second change, my body. I was wearing a zentai but this time I have totally ruined it, but after 8 years of intensive use, it is normal. By the way, I feel some kind of fear for my greyland masks, because after 10 years, some of them has begun to desintegrate themselves. i am sad about that, but I hope that the new mask will be so great that...

Well I don't want to tell you too much, but I hope post pictures at the end of December, or maybe at worst the very beggining of January. You can now send me some ideas for the next picture set.

See ya !