lundi 25 janvier 2010

White Angel is upon us... (Part 1)

Hello everybody,

I have finally more time then I never thought ! So I can write more oftenly on my blog, in order to transform it on my personal page, like a miror of my soul...
I had time and I was thinking about an idea for new theme of disguise. And the subject is almost falling on my hand while I was watching the snow : an angel, so the new outfit is called "White Angel"... Of course, you can see a little through the dress, but not so much.

I think about posting the next pictures next week. There are the same, but without the white dress...

Don't forget to let your comments. See you soon. ;)

dimanche 10 janvier 2010

A picture is better than a thousand word...

What do you think about my new friend ?
Happy new year to all !!! Best Wishes !!!