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Affichage des articles du 2011

More things next months

Hello everybody,

I know it was a long time that I didn't write anything, and be sure that summer is not the best season to wear a mask. But this next month there will be some changes... Changes on me in fact, because I have already ordered a new mask. To be honest, it is a silicone female mask, and I can't wait for wearing it ! Second change, my body. I was wearing a zentai but this time I have totally ruined it, but after 8 years of intensive use, it is normal. By the way, I feel some kind of fear for my greyland masks, because after 10 years, some of them has begun to desintegrate themselves. i am sad about that, but I hope that the new mask will be so great that...

Well I don't want to tell you too much, but I hope post pictures at the end of December, or maybe at worst the very beggining of January. You can now send me some ideas for the next picture set.

See ya !

My Outfit for New Year Party! It was great ! XD

Hello everybody !

I was very busy these last weeks, and I didn't found the time to post my pictures about the New Year. So, Happy New Year everybody, I wish you all the money, the health, the happiness and all these things that are so good for the mind.

For this set, I was wearing a black lingerie set (bras, thong and stockings), a black skirt, red top and black short jacket. I was so sexy when I decide to add long gloves.

The only problem for now is that I don't have any idea about the next set. If you have an idea, you're welcome !

Stay tuned my friends, kisses !