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Affichage des articles du 2010

My Ibiza Outfit ! Go to the club with me ?

Hello Everybody !

Yes, as you can see, I am still alive, and I don't have any words for the lack of updates on my blog... What a shame... So, as I promise, this is the second set of my Ibiza theme, and after the beach, thid id the club... This was my outfit for going out on a saturday night, to the club.

You cannot imagine the reaction of boys... It was an incredible night...

I think the next update will have a christmas savor, but I don't have too many ideas, so you can help me if you want. ;)

Stay tuned my friends, kisses !

I sell 2 horror masks for Halloween time

Hello everybody, a very small message to tell you that I am selling 2 horror masks. Maybe there are the perfect piece to complete your outfit for Halloween. ;)

Before the pictures, the number is the EbaY NumbeR :



Happy bidding everybody !!

My Ibiza Swimsuit ! Go to the beach with me ?

Hello everybody... :D

As you can see, I am back from Spain, and, most of all, I am alive ! I buy this swimsuit in Spain and I could resist to the pleasure of show it to all my fans ! I am terribly sorry about the lack of updates on my blog, but I hope now I could be able to add more and more oftenly.

So I hope that everybody loves this white swimsuit.. ;)

I will post another update with my outfit for the club, I was wearing black legging, but I won't tell you more, you will see maybe in two weeks, maybe sooner.

Stay tuned my friends, kisses !

Summer now... :(

Hello everybody...

Well as you probably know it is summer now, and it is not a good time to put a mask because of the incredible weather we have here. And I t is also time for Célia to take some holidays in order to be ready for new adventures. This will be my last post of July. After, I will go in a few minuts in Spain for almost one month with friends, for visiting and having fun on the beach. I will be thinking of you every day, and I will post greatest pictures when I will be here.

See ya my friends, and have fun in summer !

Good Morning

Hello everybody !

While I was waking up this sunday morning, I was thinking about taking pictures, like a new line in my life. As you know, I wasn't very active in this site, because searching a job is so difficult with this f..k..g world crisis... Hem, please excuse me for the lack of correct language from me. I won't do this again I promise. Well, so I was waking up and taking some pictures for my blog. This is my very first time that I sell pictures on a rar file : 28 pictures for 2 euros. I hope that it is not too expensive for everyone who wants to buy it. I post 3 pictures of this set, as an exemple.

I also create a "donation button", if you want that I buy some particulate costumes like a long prom dress or a latex outfit. As you want of course...

See ya. ;)

Late, but alive...

Hello everybody...

Yes I know I don't post many things here, but it is only a lack of time. Real life ca be great and boring. 2 weeks ago, I was in Paris. Last saturday, I was skiing... So many times that I was not able to take pictures, and of course post them... I am so sorry... But I will post some pictures soon. Yesterday I took some pictures so I hope I will upload them soon.

My apologies, again, but stay tuned !

White Angel is upon us... (Part 2)

Hello everybody.

This angel takes her time to came down to Earth, but now this is it, it is done ! In fact, she fall so down directly to the bed so you can... imagine the next part of this story...

News about myslef ? Well as you can see I am pretty fine and ready for the next part. I have participate at a contest. The price ? A paddle girdle, so that means that if I win, I have a new "ass", more sexier than ever. If you want informations about this contest, even participate or just vote, go here : See you soon, and don't hesitate to put here some ideas...

White Angel is upon us... (Part 1)

Hello everybody,
I have finally more time then I never thought ! So I can write more oftenly on my blog, in order to transform it on my personal page, like a miror of my soul...
I had time and I was thinking about an idea for new theme of disguise. And the subject is almost falling on my hand while I was watching the snow : an angel, so the new outfit is called "White Angel"... Of course, you can see a little through the dress, but not so much. I think about posting the next pictures next week. There are the same, but without the white dress...
Don't forget to let your comments. See you soon. ;)

A picture is better than a thousand word...

What do you think about my new friend ?
Happy new year to all !!! Best Wishes !!!