lundi 6 décembre 2010

My Ibiza Outfit ! Go to the club with me ?

Hello Everybody !

Yes, as you can see, I am still alive, and I don't have any words for the lack of updates on my blog... What a shame... So, as I promise, this is the second set of my Ibiza theme, and after the beach, thid id the club... This was my outfit for going out on a saturday night, to the club.

You cannot imagine the reaction of boys... It was an incredible night...

I think the next update will have a christmas savor, but I don't have too many ideas, so you can help me if you want. ;)

Stay tuned my friends, kisses !

2 commentaires:

  1. pictures speak louder than words. Stunning outfit

  2. you would be amazing to be with beautiful. so feminine and sexy. Stunning