vendredi 2 mars 2012

Youtube again... :(

Hello everybody,

I have posted a video on youtube 6 days ago, and I had some good feedbacks. No insults or raging words, no special angry message. All was clear. In this video I was just putting off my shirt of my school uniform. I think you can imagine the video (or maybe should I post it here). And yesterday, Youtube send me a message informing me that my video has been deleted and my youtube account will be deleted too if I continue to post video containing nudity.

WTF ? Excuse-me mister youtube, but my other video contains more nudity (I am touching my breasts) and I never recieve anything from the admin of youtube... I saw tons of video on this website with strip tease or more nudity videos, and these accounts were never worried about that !

I think I will never understand this different culture...

12 commentaires:

  1. hmm, crazy youtube..please post other website.
    i really wanna watch your videos!

  2. If you have some suggestions about video website, don't hesitate !

  3. Réponses
    1. Yes of course, I know this site, but I also want to share a preview of my video with you. Why not here ?

  4. I don't know their rules on this kind of stuff but here's a few other video sites in no particular order: (maybe that's just for tv shows, I'm not sure)

  5. dailymotion has a more hard rule about offense and nudity. I am not sure that it is the best... The others, I don't know, I have to discover them. But maybe not now, because I will sell most of my items soon. Stay tuned !

  6. ooh yes... i made same expierience... im searching for a new platform too.
    kisses, Lunazentai

    Name in facebook: Luna Zenta

    1. dailymotion is full of ware and has terrible quality.
      Youtubes sensoship is like all sensorship haphazard and random. Its full of "steamy chixorz doing it" and then they go harrash random people just because you show boobs r stuff

    2. but youtube is full of nudity so why they harassing people for it