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Affichage des articles du juin, 2010

Good Morning

Hello everybody !

While I was waking up this sunday morning, I was thinking about taking pictures, like a new line in my life. As you know, I wasn't very active in this site, because searching a job is so difficult with this f..k..g world crisis... Hem, please excuse me for the lack of correct language from me. I won't do this again I promise. Well, so I was waking up and taking some pictures for my blog. This is my very first time that I sell pictures on a rar file : 28 pictures for 2 euros. I hope that it is not too expensive for everyone who wants to buy it. I post 3 pictures of this set, as an exemple.

I also create a "donation button", if you want that I buy some particulate costumes like a long prom dress or a latex outfit. As you want of course...

See ya. ;)