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I'm late, and I'm sorry...

Hello everybody,

Yeh yeh yeh I know that I'm late, and I'm very sorry about that. Sometimes, life is so boring that I don't have time to post some news about me. Don't be sad, I'm alive and I am fine.

This time, the theme of my outfit is the summer, so it's very light, on every point of view. I aw wearing a violet top and a black skirt, and...

Black lingerie... ;)


  1. salut Célia,
    tes photo sont superbres, une jolie doll trés sexy.

  2. Bonjour !

    Je te remercie infiniment, mais comme tu peux le voir, cela fait un petit moment que je n'ai point trouvé un petit moment pour m'occuper de mon blog, et quelque part j'en ai honte.

    Rassure-toi, j'ai fais quelques achats et dès que le matériel sera arrivé, j'espère vite reprendre mon activité sur ce blog, et ce de façon beaucoup plus régulière.

    A très bientôt ! ;-)

  3. I am interested in buying your femskin, please email

  4. I am sorry, but I am not wearing a femskin because I don't have one. :(


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As you can see, I am back from Spain, and, most of all, I am alive ! I buy this swimsuit in Spain and I could resist to the pleasure of show it to all my fans ! I am terribly sorry about the lack of updates on my blog, but I hope now I could be able to add more and more oftenly.

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