samedi 1 août 2009

First Message...

Hello everybody !

Well I don't really know where to beggin my blog... There is so much things to say...

First, I want to tell you that it's MY personnal page, so I hope hurting nobody.
Then, I really love masks, any kind of masks. I have 5 female masks, 1 male mask, 1 "shemale" mask and a lot of monster mask. I love disguise myself into another person, same gender or not, so I hope keep the secret of my true gender as long as possible, and I won't say the truth about it.

But you can't blame me just for this. Don't forget that who love masking him/herself love secrets...

I will post as soon as possible many pictures and videos of me, masked of course as a male, a female or a monster. It will depend only about what you really want to see.

Some of these future pictures will be free, others, more mature, not. But please keep cool, prices won't never be too expensive : I know the world is in crisis, as for me and you. This money will only serves me to buy more and more oufits, so my shop will grow more and more.

I hope give you pleasure and happiness, as for me masking is really cool and funny.

See you soon, boys and girls. ;)

PS, Don't forget I'm french, so please excuse my poor english.

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