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First Message...

Hello everybody !

Well I don't really know where to beggin my blog... There is so much things to say...

First, I want to tell you that it's MY personnal page, so I hope hurting nobody.
Then, I really love masks, any kind of masks. I have 5 female masks, 1 male mask, 1 "shemale" mask and a lot of monster mask. I love disguise myself into another person, same gender or not, so I hope keep the secret of my true gender as long as possible, and I won't say the truth about it.

But you can't blame me just for this. Don't forget that who love masking him/herself love secrets...

I will post as soon as possible many pictures and videos of me, masked of course as a male, a female or a monster. It will depend only about what you really want to see.

Some of these future pictures will be free, others, more mature, not. But please keep cool, prices won't never be too expensive : I know the world is in crisis, as for me and you. This money will only serves me to buy more and more oufits, so my shop will grow more and more.

I hope give you pleasure and happiness, as for me masking is really cool and funny.

See you soon, boys and girls. ;)

PS, Don't forget I'm french, so please excuse my poor english.


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My Ibiza Swimsuit ! Go to the beach with me ?

Hello everybody... :D

As you can see, I am back from Spain, and, most of all, I am alive ! I buy this swimsuit in Spain and I could resist to the pleasure of show it to all my fans ! I am terribly sorry about the lack of updates on my blog, but I hope now I could be able to add more and more oftenly.

So I hope that everybody loves this white swimsuit.. ;)

I will post another update with my outfit for the club, I was wearing black legging, but I won't tell you more, you will see maybe in two weeks, maybe sooner.

Stay tuned my friends, kisses !

Hello everybody !

For all people, I am sorry for the lack of news, But this time it's for real, even if my real life is very busy... I knew so many changes : new house, new job, new opportunities, new mask... It's hard because all is expensive, and economical crisis is not over... Life is hard.

I will try to post one set of pictures per month. I will also try to make some videos. You can see some preview on my Facebook account.

Of course, you can ask and comment, I will answer as soon as I could.

Finally back

Hello to you,

Well, first, I have to excuse myself for this awful late and lack of news and pictures. I am terribly sorry about that, but you have to know that I had some changes in my real life : some of them are good, other no. I have recieved my new zentai and my new mask, on these pictures I am wearing it. What ? Which pictures ? Those who are in this message of course, because... Well well well, I am not writing so fast as I though... The set of the mounth is, of couse, based on Valentine's day theme of course !

The theme was based on the love and the pink color, that is why I have chosen "Capitain Love" for tis set, and I proud to say that it is the worst title I have ever created ! Shit...

This time, I have an idea for the next set, and that's the very first time I think. Stay tuned !