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Summer now... :(

Hello everybody...

Well as you probably know it is summer now, and it is not a good time to put a mask because of the incredible weather we have here. And I t is also time for Célia to take some holidays in order to be ready for new adventures. This will be my last post of July. After, I will go in a few minuts in Spain for almost one month with friends, for visiting and having fun on the beach. I will be thinking of you every day, and I will post greatest pictures when I will be here.

See ya my friends, and have fun in summer !


  1. Sorry if that hurt your feeling but... I think you are so damn sexy in this costume and I jizzed soooo many time during I look at your pictures. Please show us more, more suggestive, you know...

    My name is Gaylord, & I'm fond of your blog sexy

  2. Rémi VieillePierre30 septembre 2010 à 15:53

    Hi sweetheart,

    I'm Rémi from La Résidence De L'Orée Du Bois, a libertine club open every day between 9p.m. & 6a.m.
    I really love your style & I would like to meet you. If you are interesting about the idea of an exhibition show (with a sweet remuneration)in my club, contact me at bip⸏bip⸏



  3. Arnaud G. (comme le point)30 septembre 2010 à 16:09

    Hum Célia, tu as l'air d'avoir une sacrée peau de pêche. Rrrr

    Arnaud G. (comme le point)

  4. NicolasBig...D...2 octobre 2010 à 13:57

    You feel so sexy. I like to know you in real. Where do you live my sweetie?

  5. NicolasBig...D... -> I live in france. ;)

    Arnaud G. (comme le point) -> Merci pour le compliment. Bizoo !

    Gaylord Shiney -> You didn't shock me, it was a great compliment. Thank you my dear...


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