Finally back

Hello to you,

Well, first, I have to excuse myself for this awful late and lack of news and pictures. I am terribly sorry about that, but you have to know that I had some changes in my real life : some of them are good, other no. I have recieved my new zentai and my new mask, on these pictures I am wearing it. What ? Which pictures ? Those who are in this message of course, because... Well well well, I am not writing so fast as I though... The set of the mounth is, of couse, based on Valentine's day theme of course !

The theme was based on the love and the pink color, that is why I have chosen "Capitain Love" for tis set, and I proud to say that it is the worst title I have ever created ! Shit...

This time, I have an idea for the next set, and that's the very first time I think. Stay tuned !


  1. Mmmm, I love this litlle survey, it's cool, great job keep on !

    Mmmm, j'adore ce petit aperçu, c'est vraiment cool, du bon boulot !

  2. Thanks a lot, but I am a little sad with these pictures : I think I could do better.

    Merci beaucoup, mais je suis un peu triste avec ces photos : je crois que j'aurais pû faire mieux.

  3. Very nice photos! I love your new mask and zentai bodysuit!
    Where did you get the new zentai from? Thank you!


    Here is the store where I bought my zentai. But for now I don't know I will buy the next zentai in another shop, or maybe a latex catsuit... I don't know yet. But, if you want to help me by a donation, I won't refuse ! ^^

    Just tell me !


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